Voicemail systems of Toronto businesses hacked, $250K+ in illicit calls

Original story by the CBC on January 27, 2009

ONTARIO – The voicemail systems of Greater Toronto Area (GTA) businesses of Martin & Hillyer, a law firm, and GPS Consulting Group & Insurance Agencies were hacked and used to make over $250,000 worth of illicit long distance phone calls.

Bell Canada suspects the phreakers used automated dialers to target the voicemail systems, crack the passwords and make illegal long distance phone calls.  “It is something that’s not unique to Bell — it has been seen by pretty much every telephone company in the country, the U.S. and internationally,” said a spokesperson for Bell.

Bell Canada has reversed a number of the fraudulent charges, but, reminds Canadians are responsible for taking steps to prevent their voicemail from being hacked; which includes selecting and managing strong passwords.

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