#CyberFLASH: Windows 10 ‘spying’ claims investigated by Canadian watchdog

typing-image-genericCanada is investigating the terms and conditions that come with Windows 10, after many have claimed that the new operating system is watching its users.

The controversy has come about because the software’s data collection functions are turned on by default. While Microsoft have made it clear that the function can be turned off before the OS is even installed, in Canada software must seek consent for the data collection, rather than simply giving the option to turn it off.

With Windows 10, Microsoft is able to collect “your voice input, as well as your name and nickname, your recent calendar events and the names of people in your appointments, and information about your contacts including names and nicknames”, according to its terms. Microsoft also reserves the right to “access, disclose and preserve personal data”.

These privacy problems are further exacerbated by Microsoft’s recent move to download Windows 10 onto all computers using Windows 7 and 8 even when the user decided not to use the free upgrade.

Speaking to The Inquirer Microsoft confirmed: “For individuals who have chosen to receive automatic updates through Windows Update, we help upgradable devices get ready for Windows 10 by downloading the files they’ll need if they decide to upgrade. When the upgrade is ready, the customer will be prompted to install Windows 10 on the device.”

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