Cyberattacks have hit most large Canadian firms, report says

imageCANADA — A secret government report on cyberattacks says that 86 per cent of large Canadian corporations have been “hit” and that espionage hacking on the private sector has doubled in two years.

“Cyberespionage attacks are causing considerable economic damage,” says the 2010 “threat paper,” released to Postmedia News through access-to-information laws.

The heavily redacted report was prepared by the Public Safety Department with input from the Canadian Security Intelligence Service, the Defence Department, the RCMP and the Privy Council Office.

Read more on The Vancouver Sun

Winnipeg: Unauthorized access gained to College of Physicians and Surgeons’ website

MB, CANADA — The College of Physicians and Surgeons sent a warning letter to its members Monday about an on-line attack that resulted in unauthorized access to the password-protected section of its website.

Read more on Winnipeg Free Press dated October 12, 2010, here.

Organized crime is online, says Canadian watchdog

CANADA – Canada is moving into a new frontier of online-based fraud, according to the 25th annual Report on Organized Crime by Criminal Intelligence Service Canada. Hackers-for-hire are selling organized criminals the tools and services they need to break into brokerage accounts, reports the Vancouver Sun. Furthermore, criminals are using social networking sites like Facebook and Twitter to issue fake news releases and promotional material to potential victims. “Criminal groups are constantly adapting to exploit new opportunities for illicit profit and take advantage of communication and transportation technologies that increase the scope and range of their unlawful activities,” said RCMP Commissioner William Elliott.

Reference, Macleans: Need to Know dated August 21 2010 found here.

CSIS says, risk of cyber attacks growing in Canada

CANADA – An alleged Top Secret (and heavily censored) memo obtained from CSIS by the CBC through the Access to Information Act, reports:

Malware compromises 4700 health records at U-of-C

ALBERTA – Two viruses infected one of the computers at the University of Calgary Sunridge Medical Clinic (UCSMC).  The computer affected was used to store copies of faxes – potentially including test results and specialist consultation forms – as well as legal reports and billing data of patients. [Read more…]

Cyber attacks are a growing threat, says Public Safety Minister

Original story by Kathleen Harris, The Ottawa Sun on March 17, 2009

CANADA – Canada is facing a growing threat of cyber attacks from hostile governments and criminals that could cripple critical infrastructure and financial systems, says Public Safety Minister Peter Van Loan.

Potential infiltration and attacks plotted and executed over the internet have emerged as a major security threat of common interest to Canada, he said. [Read more…]

Voicemail systems of Toronto businesses hacked, $250K+ in illicit calls

Original story by the CBC on January 27, 2009

ONTARIO – The voicemail systems of Greater Toronto Area (GTA) businesses of Martin & Hillyer, a law firm, and GPS Consulting Group & Insurance Agencies were hacked and used to make over $250,000 worth of illicit long distance phone calls. [Read more…]

Canadian Standards Association webserver hacked, personal information and credit cards compromised

Original incident report by DATALOSS db on January 21, 2008

ONTARIO – DATALOSS db incident ID 1445 reports, Canadian Standards Association (CSA) web site server was hacked; names, addresses, credit card account numbers including expiration dates exposed. [Read more…]

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