#CyberFLASH: Union raises security concerns over $400-million federal email deal with Bell Canada


OTTAWA – Small businesses and a union representing professional public servants are raising fresh questions about the value and security of a federal government deal that is now underway with Bell Canada – worth up to $400 million over seven years – to restructure email services.

“I think it’s more about supporting their ongoing ideology about supporting corporate business,” said Debi Daviau, president of the Professional Institute of the Public Service of Canada. “And at one point, Canadians’ data is just there to be exploited.”

The contract, announced last June, is expected to convert 63 separate email systems into a single system with a “@canada.ca” email address for all government employees, including those who deal with requests for services from the public.

Treasury Board President Tony Clement says that the entire federal government strategy, which includes the consolidation of Internet services, will simplify services for Canadians.

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Treasury Board to end pencil-pushing with ‘secret network’ for classified information

datacentreOTTAWA — Just over two years after hackers broke into Treasury Board servers — showing how classified information wasn’t properly protected — a new “secret network” is being developed inside the department.

The secured system would eliminate much of the “time consuming, inefficient, paper-based” process department officials follow for handling classified information that the department said in a briefing note was “completely out of step with the objectives of Workplace 2.0.”

It would also reduce the use of USB keys to move around sensitive files.

A copy of the briefing note to Treasury Board President Tony Clement was released to Postmedia News under the access to information law. Parts of the memo have been redacted.

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