Online spying bill C-30 threatens Canada’s national security

An access-to-information request from The Globe and Mail has revealed that Canada’s Communications Security Establishment has concerns about our nation’s network security. Specifically, the documents show that Huawei Technologies—a Chinese company that has become the world’s leading maker of telecom equipment—has been the subject of national security concerns.

With all these security worries in the air, it seems strange that Ottawa should continue to consider a bill that could leave Canadians’ personal data less secure. Online spying bill C-30—a contentious piece of legislation that has provoked the ire of Canada’s privacy commissioners, legal experts, and wider public—could, if passed, lead to the creation of giant, unsecure registries of every Internet user’s personal data.

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Vic Toews – New Scandal Revealed in 7 Days

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Anonymous’ update 7 days after its first video to Public Safety minister Vic Toews.

Please consider signing the online petition to stop Bill C30 from being passed in the House of Commons. 

To be redirected to’s Stop Online Spying campaign visit here.

Rick Mercer rants about the online spying bill

YouTube Preview Image Visit to oppose warrantless online spying (Bill C-30). Help stop Vic Toew’s disgusting campaign against Canadians by contributing here:



Canadians Stop Online Spying, petition bill C-30

CANADA    More than 118,000 people have signed‘s campaign to Stop Online Spying; a petition against bill C-30, which threatens to give law enforcement and government officials lawful access to Canadians’ telephone and internet records and other personal information without warrant or disclosure. 


The Stop Online Spying petition can be found here.
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