#CyberFLASH: Canada pilots solution for smart meter cyber security

Internet-300x300In Canada, energy cyber security company N-Dimension has completed a pilot project for the evaluation and commercialisation of technology for smart grid field applications such as smart meters.

According to a press statement released on Monday, the aim of the project sponsored by Ontario’s Ministry of Energy is “to improve the reliability of power delivery and ensure the integrity of the utility and power customer data in Ontario”.

Smart meters cyber security
As part of the project, Canadian company N-Dimension integrated a demonstration of the cyber security technology into electric utility Burlington Hydro’s smart meter network consisting of 66,700 residential and commercials customers in the City of Burlington.

The inclusion of cyber security software in Elster Solutions’ advanced metering infrastructure system – EnergyAxis Gatekeeper – confirmed functionality of the system as it complemented Elster’s existing security.

The system claims to reduce risk for utilities and their customers by analysing threat alert data, limiting the time spent by IT in processing of log files as it quickly identifies threats, threat sources ,and generates notifications before spread to other parts of the network and system occurs, Metering & Smart Energy International has learnt.

Commenting on the project, Minister of Energy in Ontario Bob Chiarelli said: “N-Dimension has successfully commercialised the technology developed as part of the Ontario Smart Grid Fund project with its N-Sentinel Monitoring, which was released earlier this year.”

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EnerTech Capital Leads N-Dimension Solutions Funding

EnerTech Capital has closed its lead investment in a $3.85 million financing round along with co-investor Export Development Canada in N-Dimension Solutions. The business is a smart Grid cyber security company based in Richmond Hill.

“We have been looking for a Cyber Security investment for several years and we are very excited to have found and closed our investment in N-Dimension. The global opportunity for Cyber Security solutions for both the grid and other critical infrastructure assets (water, oil and gas and transportation) represents a significant market opportunity.” said Wally Hunter, Managing Director EnerTech Capital.

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Hacking Expert David Chalk Joins Urgent Call to Halt Smart Grid

VANCOUVER – The vulnerability of the energy industry’s new wireless smart grid will inevitably lead to lights out for everyone, according to leading cyber expert David Chalk. In an online interview for an upcoming documentary film entitled ‘Take Back Your Power’ ( www.ThePowerFilm.org ), Chalk says the entire power grid will be at risk to being taken down by cyber attack, and if installations continue it’s only a matter of time.

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