#CyberFLASH: Lawful Access Bill Would Have Allowed NSA-Style Spying In Canada, says Geist


controversial bill that would have given the federal government greater power to track Canadians online included a provision that would have allowed for an NSA-style surveillance system, says a prominent digital law professor.

University of Ottawa professor Michael Geist says a provision in Bill C-30 would have given carte blanche to government agencies to install whatever monitoring equipment they want on telecom service providers’ networks.

The Harper government withdrew Bill C-30 (known as the “Protecting Children from Internet Predators Act”) earlier this year, after public concerns the bill would allow the government to surveil Canadians without a warrant online, but many political observers say the government is already sowing the seeds for a similar new bill to come.

In a recent blog post, Geist noted that section 14(4) of Bill C-30 would have given the government the power to “provide [a] telecommunications service provider with any equipment … that the Minister considers the service provider needs to comply” with government requests under the new law.

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