#CyberFLASH: We’re losing cybersecurity war

imagelack of in-house expertise is holding Canadian IT professionals back from protecting their companies’ data, according to new research.

In a new survey conducted by the Ponemon Institute and Scalar Decisions, about 59 per cent of the 623 Canadian IT professionals said they ponemonfelt they were having trouble keeping their data from falling into the wrong hands, and that they were not “winning the cybersecurity war.” The main reason was a lack of expertise, but respondents also said they needed more staff, better leadership, and more collaboration between departments in their organizations.

Getting these issues resolved is important – among these respondents, confidence in their IT security wasn’t exactly high. According to the report, on average, organizations in Canada run into 34 attacks a year. While only half of respondents believed there’s been an upswing in the number of attacks mounted each year, 73 per cent said they believed the attacks that do occur are becoming more sophisticated. A solid 79 per cent said attacks were increasing in severity.

While respondents were divided as to whether these attacks cut into their ability to compete, with a three-way tie between “yes,” “no,” and “not sure,” what’s clear is that with weakened data security, there is some kind of impact on their bottom line.

Sixty-five per cent of IT professionals said they relied on a “gut feeling” to tell them whether they’d lost the edge to their competitors, while 46 per cent said they noticed if copied products or activities began to appear on the market.

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