Trend Micro and INTERPOL to Collaborate in Support of Global Law Enforcement’s Efforts Against Cybercrime


OTTAWA – Trend Micro Inc., a global leader in security software and solutions, today announced its collaboration with INTERPOL to support global law enforcement programs against cybercrime.

Today’s cyber threats are becoming increasingly more targeted and sophisticated with criminal networks operating across the world, coordinating complex attacks against targets in a matter of minutes.

Due to the complexity of the cyber-threat landscape, cybercrime investigations are profoundly different in nature to traditional crime, requiring high-level technical expertise and large-scale cross-jurisdictional investigations. It is essential that law enforcement prioritize resources, build cross-jurisdictional and cross-sectorial collaboration in addition to developing the technical expertise, tools and infrastructure required to effectively combat threats and eventually enhance digital security.

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RCMP: Interpol ‘key resource’ to defeat hackers

The RCMP says Interpol is teaching the world new ways to outsmart hackers. And Canadian law enforcement is paying close attention.

Interpol announced the arrest of 25 alleged members of the Anonymous hacker collective in four different countries on Tuesday. According to the UK’s Guardian news site, Interpol’s site was offline for several hours, possibly due to a retaliatory strike by hackers.

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