#CyberFLASH: Government making it easier to spy on Canadians without warrants or oversight


Carol Todd appeared before the Commons justice committee on Tuesday to tell the terrible story of her daughter, Amanda, who took her life in 2012 after being sexually exploited and bullied by online predators.

Todd was testifying about bill C-13, which will make it illegal to share an intimate image of someone without that person’s consent.

But while the government’s communications effort around the bill focuses on preventing these tragedies, most of the 70-page bill is about other things, including a clause to protect communication companies from liability when they hand private information to the government.

Todd doesn’t like that idea.

“I don’t want to see our children victimized again by losing privacy rights,” she told MPs. “I am troubled by some of these provisions condoning the sharing of the private information of Canadians without proper legal process.”

Todd called on the government to split the cyberbullying provisions from the rest of the bill, trying to separate the emotional business of child protection from the more delicate question of what private information the police should be able to get without a warrant.

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