Anonymous took down parliamentary website, government documents show

OTTAWA — A group of online hacktivists took down the parliamentary website earlier this year, striking after the government introduced a controversial online surveillance bill.

IT security staff with Shared Services Canada identified the group known as Anonymous as being behind the attack that shut down the House of Commons website for more than four hours in mid-February, according to documents released to Postmedia News under access to information laws.

When the outage happened on Feb. 17, right in the midst of an online outcry over the government’s anti-cybercrime legislation, staff in the House of Commons wouldn’t say publicly why the website was down.

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Quebec Ministry of Education website hacked

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Montreal, QC — The website of the Ministry of Education, Recreation and Sport (MELS) has been the target of an attack by hackers on Friday.

People trying to access it in the afternoon saw an error message appear on the screen, where it was indicated that the site is under construction.

Earlier, the site posted scathing comments against the Charest government.

The title “We are ashamed of our government” was at the top, in bold. Below, a window broadcast Twitter messages that circulated very critical of the social network.

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Toews vs. Anonymous


In a  report tabled today — which was apparently unanimous, as no dissenting opinion was included — the Standing Committee on Procedure and House Affairs concurred with Public Safety Minister Vic Toews that his privileges were, indeed, breached by those Youtube-posted videos that were “clearly aimed at intimidating” not only Toews but “all members of the House. 

However, the reports concludes that no further action can be taken against “the so-called Anonymous”. 

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Terrorism monitor closely watched Occupy protests

Canada’s terrorism assessment centre kept close watch on Occupy protests throughout the country last year, monitoring potential economic disruption and support from hacker group Anonymous.

Critics say it’s disturbing that the Integrated Terrorism Assessment Centre (ITAC), which is tasked with monitoring domestic and international terrorist threats, kept tabs on peaceful protests.

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Anonymous unmasked: The collective’s disruptive influence

MONTREAL – The elusive “hacktivist” collective, identified only by its logo of a headless man in a suit or its Guy Fawkes masks, has hacked into the Syrian defence ministry and Bank of America. It has eavesdropped on Scotland Yard and the FBI. And it has outed alleged white supremacists across Canada, including a couple in Quebec City.

With over 15 million page views on its main news website and more than 560,000 Twitter followers, it’s clear the world is paying attention to this nascent form of politics – and for good cause.

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Vic Toews: Anonymous attacks are a threat against elected officials

OTTAWA—Public Safety Minister Vic Toews lashed out at whoever was behind “Anonymous” videotaped threats against him , saying they posed a real attempt to thwart elected officials from doing their job.

But even Toews, responsible for the government’s own cybersecurity strategy, appeared at a loss to say how exactly the unidentified person or persons could or should be punished.

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Laurie Hawn vs. the #InternetTaliban

Anonymous doesn’t kid when the hacktivist group says it doesn’t forget because it hasn’t forgotten what Conservative MP Laurie Hawn  said about the group last week.

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Hunting Anonymous could be ‘waste of time,’ parliamentarians told

OTTAWA — Parliamentarians tasked with investigating what has been deemed intimidating online videos against Public Safety Minister Vic Toews were warned Thursday that a hunt for the culprit — or culprits — could be a waste to time and resources.

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