Stop Secret Spying Translation Heroes

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There have been some exciting developments in Canada’s telecom landscape over the past few weeks, and we could not have spread the word as effectively without unsung heroes like Gilles Bureau, Isabelle Jodouin, Bruno Veilleux, and a handful of other anonymous translators. Thank you so much for all your hard work and continued support.

Immediately following the revelation that Canada’s ultra-secretive spy agency CSEC was collecting citizens’ private information, our team of volunteer translators sprang into action to help get the word out to our French-speaking supporters across Canada.

Within a day of our Stop Secret Spying English-language action page going up, these amazing supporters had translated and proofread over 1500 words of website text, social media shares, thank you emails, and other campaign materials. We were stunned by the quick turn-around time, and it would not have been possible to get the word out to our French-language supporters as quickly without them.

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