No Organization is Immune: Fraud Can Have a Lasting Effect on Any Company


TORONTO – Despite the growth of fraud across organizations of all industries and sizes, many may still not see themselves as a potential target. Though fraud may be dismissed as something that affects a certain type of company, the reality is that there is no “typical” fraud victim. In recognition of Fraud Prevention Month, Shred-it, a world-leading information security company wants to help organizations of all types recognize their susceptibility to fraud and identify safeguarding methods.

The 2012 Shred-it Information Security Tracker revealed that 57 per cent of businesses both large and small felt that if data from their company was lost or stolen, it would not seriously impact their business. As high-profile instances of fraud generally receive the most widespread attention, many businesses may infer they are not a target for fraud and be less vigilant with securing their information as a result. This may be the case especially with small businesses. In fact, the 2012 Shred-it Information Security Tracker showed that almost two-thirds (61 per cent) of small businesses don’t believe a data breach would have financial and reputational damage to their business.

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