Malware compromises 4700 health records at U-of-C

ALBERTA – Two viruses infected one of the computers at the University of Calgary Sunridge Medical Clinic (UCSMC).  The computer affected was used to store copies of faxes – potentially including test results and specialist consultation forms – as well as legal reports and billing data of patients.

In response, the UCSMC has mailed letters to more than 4,700 patients informing them their personal information may have been accessed by unauthorized parties.

Dr. Cathy MacLean, head of the U-of-C’s family medicine department said “One of the viruses is the type used by someone unauthorized to remotely control a computer”, adding it’s believed the cyber attacker was trying to disrupt business, not access records.

The same clinic experience a privacy scare last year, when staff learned information shared on a U-of-C operated intranet was accessible to unauthorized third parties, though no system breach was ever confirmed.

The full article written by Jenna McMurray published on March 17, 2010 by the Calgary SUN is available here.

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