Information from the Canadian Cyber Incident Response Centre on Fraudulent Calls


OTTAWA – Public Safety Canada has recently noted an increase in the reported number of fraudulent calls to Canadians by someone claiming to work for the Cyber Incident Response Centre (CCIRC).

Impersonating a CCIRC employee, the fraudster calls unsuspecting Canadians with false claims about their computers, stating they have a virus, or that some credentials need to be verified. The fraudster then offers to repair the computer over the Internet for a fee, either by installing software or obtaining remote access to the computer. If remote access is granted, the fraudster has the capability of installing malware, creating a backdoor access, or obtaining financial or other sensitive information stored on the device.

While CCIRC employees may call individuals working for organizations that fall within Canada’s critical infrastructure sectors; under no circumstance would CCIRC request remote access to their computer.

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