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Free SSL web proxy by HideMyTRAX VPN

As if hackers, online scammer and marketers weren’t enough for Canadians to worry about these days, federal government and law enforcement agencies want access to your online identity and internet activity too. Canada, now is the time to protect your cyber security, online privacy and internet freedom with HideMyTRAX SSL proxy.

How does HideMyTRAX SSL Proxy protect me?

Whether at home, over wireless or any other public network, use HideMyTRAX free SSL proxy to secure your internet connection and hide your cybertrax. HideMyTRAX provides an SSL proxy that encrypts the connection and all web traffic between your browser and our proxy server. After your initial connection to HideMyTRAX, the SSL proxy server will fetch all webpages that you request and send it back to your browser over a military-grade 256-bit encrypted connection.

What are the benefits of using HideMyTRAX SSL Proxy?

There are many benefits to using HideMyTRAX free SSL proxy. Here are a few:

  • Secure your Internet connection with strong 256-bit encryption
  • Hide your IP address, geolocation and web activity
  • Regain control of how much info you share with websites you visit
  • Remove compromising scripts and objects before visiting unknown websites
  • Access websites that may otherwise be blocked by Internet censorship

How do i use HideMyTRAX SSL Proxy?

Simply open your favourite browser, surf over to HideMyTRAX VPN free SSL proxy, enter the URL of the website you want to visit, check your desired anonymity options, click the HideMyTRAX button and enjoy a fast, free, secure way to surf the Internet anonymously.

Note: If your browser supports it, we recommend using “private browsing options” or “HTTPS Everywhere” plugins before surfing over to HideMyTRAX VPN.

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