Day 1, Hacking Rampage Across Canada by @TeamDigi7al

CANADA  A relatively new team @TeamDigi7al has been on a spree the last few days attacking high profile targets and dumping information along the way.

Before the most recent attacks on the World Health Org and Toronto Police Department they had also released a package which they call day 1 in the following statement Well heres day 1 of our Lulz Crusade across Canada” and in saying that all targeted site were .ca.

In the package is 9 different parts that are split up into folders for each attack, most of which are XSS and proof of the attack with a few having data dumps. Below is a list of the targets, also the was part of this leak to.

  • Canadian Army
  • Natural Resources Canada
  • Science and Technology for Canadians
  • Service de police de le Ville de Montréal
  • University of British Columbia

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