#CyberFLASH: Young Canadians lack understanding of online privacy: study


TORONTO – Canada’s youth are making better judgment calls when it comes to protecting their online identities, but lack understanding in key areas of online privacy, a new study reveals.

“While students have developed a number of strategies to help them manage their online reputations and stay safe, the research also shows that there are gaps in young people’s knowledge of online privacy,” said Cathy Wing, co-executive director of MediaSmarts, the non-profit charitable organization focusing on digital and media literacy that did the study.

“Their limited understanding of geo-location services, privacy policies, data collection practices and password sharing issues, suggests we need more effective privacy education, both in homes and schools.”

The study, titled Young Canadians in a Wired World, found that 68 per cent of students wrongly believed that if a website had a privacy policy it would not share their personal information with others.

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