#CyberFLASH: Why Millennials Born In The Internet Age Will Never Be Forgotten

slide_349495_3739937_freeA thousand years from now, you will likely not be remembered, but you’ll be searchable.

Crumbs of your digital trail leave out traces of who you are, but it will be displayed through the warped glass of time.

Should you have the right to retain control over what is visible to the world?

The Internet is a sorting tool of information. It allows for a quick search of individuals, but it can easily distort or manipulate one’s viewpoint.

How things are sorted reflect traffic paths, but very few people stray from the main trail.

According to online ad network Chitika, the top listing on a Google search result will receive 33 percent of search traffic in the United States and Canada.

Only 8 percent of users click on to the second page of results.

So, popularity is king, but what if it’s inaccurate, personal or untrue material that is sorted first? What happens if you want it erased?

Do you have the right to be forgotten?

The March case of the suspended University of Oklahoma fraternity over a racist chant caught on video comes to mind.

If you Google the members of that group, undoubtedly it will show up on a search. Their names are cemented in history. 

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