#CyberFLASH: Who’s behind NRCan hack? If feds know, nobody’s telling

images-126Nearly a week after a spate of lifestyle ads touting belly dancing lessons and mole removal invaded the Natural Resources Canada website, the country’s cyber security officials are keeping mum on the origin of the attack.

Was it a hack by a radical environmental group? By anti-Keystone cyber-guerrillas? Slow week for North Korea’s Unit 121?

If the government knows, it isn’t telling.

A spokesperson for Public Safety Canada acknowledged the “problem,” but would not elaborate on the “specific remedial actions being taken to resolve the issue.”

The department also acknowledged the work of the Canadian Cyber Incident Response Centre (CCIRC), the national computer security incident response team. However, a second spokesperson would comment only on the CCIRC’s broader mandate — not on the role the team played in addressing this issue, specifically.

“While we respectfully decline your request for an interview, we will say that our Government is defending Canada’s cyber security and protecting and advancing our national security and economic interests,” Jean Paul Duval wrote in an email to iPolitics Tuesday evening.

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