#CyberFLASH: What Canadian region spends the most on IT security?

Local Input~ FOR NATIONAL POST USE ONLY - NO POSTMEDIA - Hacker using laptop. Lots of digits on the computer screen. Credit fotolia.How much of your IT budget should be spent on security? In the face of high-profile data breaches like the Ashley Madison incident playing out in the headlines, it appears many Canadian executives are thinking it should be more than they spend currently.

While Canadian organizations are currently spending an average of about 12.5 per cent of their IT budget on security products, services, and staff, they’d consider the ideal amount of spending to be about 16.7 per cent, according to a 2015 survey conducted by IDC Canada. The survey covered 204 business leaders and is accurate within seven percentage points, 19 times out of 20.

Across Canada, it appears the Atlantic region reports spending the most on IT security, dedicating 16.3 per cent of budget and aspiring to get to 21.6 per cent. In Western Canada (including the Yukon), respondents are spending an average of 12.1 per cent on security and would like to get to 16.7 per cent. In Ontario it’s 12.7 per cent and 16.4 per cent respectively, and Quebec has the lowest reported numbers at just 10 per cent and 14.3 per cent.

As IT World Canada reporter Howard Solomon wrote earlier this week, one place where IT spending is increasing is with managed security service providers (MSSPs). More CISOs are considering such a service in the face of a talent shortage in the IT security field, says Kevin Lonergan, an infrastructure solutions analyst at IDC.

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