#CyberFLASH: Valentine’s Day advice from RCMP: don’t get defrauded

tinderLove is in the air, but so is online dating fraud, warn Nova Scotia RCMP ahead of Valentine’s Day.

The financial crime unit says it sometimes receives calls from people who have been defrauded thousands of dollars from people they’ve met on internet dating sites.

Police say they’ve received reports of suspects who “groom” their victims for months, claiming to be able to get them cars, trucks and off-highway vehicles.

RCMP Cpl. Greg Church says as the relationships develop the suspects take advantage of their victims, often asking their victims to wire them money.

“Once the victim gives the suspect a large sum of money, the suspect mysteriously disappears,” said Church in a release.

“If you have been victimized, don’t let fear of embarrassment stop you from reporting an incident to police as secrecy works to the suspect’s benefit.”

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