#CyberFLASH: The case for “total surveillance”

hi-bc-archive-surveillance-camerasLast week the federal government tabled a new anti-terrorism bill known as the Security of Canada Information Sharing Act. The new bill is supposed to help government agencies make better use of the data they gather so they can catch more potential terrorists.

Most of the criticism of the bill has centred on questions of the liberty and privacy of Canadians. A recent CBC investigations suggests the government is already digging deep into Canadian data in search of crime and conspiracy. With Canadians spending so much time voluntarily sharing their lives online, there’s a lot of raw material, which adds to a growing anxiety that Big Brother really is watching us.

But is that such a bad thing?

Stuart Armstrong was born in Canada, but now lives in the United Kingdom, largely considered one of the most surveilled countries on earth. As Research Fellow in the Future of Humanity Institute at Oxford University’s Oxford Martin School, Armstrong says we need to consider the possibility that mass surveillance is good for us.

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