#CyberFLASH: Teksavvy and Rogers publish transparency reports highlighting the extent of government data requests


Third-party internet provider Teksavvy and Rogers, one of the largest ISPs in Canada, have published the first Canadian telecommunications transparency reports.

Both Teksavvy and Rogers have released documents detailing the subscriber information both companies have released to police and spy agencies over the last few years. Teksavvy disclosed their transparency report first and then Rogers followed soon after.

According to Teksavvy’s transparency report, the company rejects two out of every three police requests for information. In Roger’s case, the company received 174,917 requests in 2013 for customer information from government and law enforcement agencies. This is 480 requests a day and one request per every 11 Rogers subscribers. 74,000 of these requests were court orders which means approximately 100,000 did not include warrants.

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