#CyberFLASH: State-of-the-art intelligence centre aims to thwart cyber attacks

montreal-que-june-28-2016-robert-masse-partner-cybe1The huge “threat detection” screen at the front of the Montreal Cyber Intelligence Centre is ablaze with blinking lights, but none of the eight or so Deloitte employees manning the restricted centre seem particularly alarmed. Cyber attacks are routine for this gang of cybersecurity specialists, who try to keep the world safe from Internet thugs while hunkered down in their state-of-the art facility in downtown Montreal.

Another jumbo screen is monitoring brute-force logins as it keeps track of the “cyber kill chain” that aims to identify and prevent cyber intrusions. Despite the violent terminology casually shared between the co-workers, the room hidden behind a facial-recognition security system in the professional services firm’s gleaming new downtown tower houses an unflappable team of hackers and risk experts hired to minimize casualties.

For there is no doubt about it, this is a modern-day war room in a cutting-edge battle that the general says we are losing. Badly.

That would be Robert Masse, leader of Deloitte’s cyber risk services in Montreal and the incident response team across Canada, who spends his days trying to outsmart the increasingly sophisticated cyber criminals who are ready to pounce when they detect any vulnerabilities in the system.

“Companies are being attacked all the time,” Masse said in an interview during a tour Tuesday which offered a glimpse into the workings of a cybersecurity centre. “We are really on the front lines of a cyber war.”

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