#CyberFLASH: Stark consequences of a single failure illustrate importance of new era cyber protections

10712553The significant impact a single failure can have in an environment of quickly advancing interconnectedness and interdependency on the Internet demands a new way of thinking about cyber security, argues Ray Boisvert, president and CEO of I-Sec Integrated Strategies.

Speaking at the ARC Group Canada Spring Seminar 2015 in Toronto Thursday, Boisvert, a former assistant director, intelligence with the Canadian Security Intelligence Service (CSIS), cited an industry estimate that the number of devices connected to the Internet would soon be north of the 60-billion mark.

“The Internet of Things is everything connected in our homes, our offices, everything that transforms our lives daily and increasingly becomes interconnected and, more important to you, interdependent,” he told attendees. “One failure can have really stark consequences for your personal lives and for your professional existence.”

The challenge is everyone is living in an environment where the threat surface keeps on growing. Why? Because of the Internet of Things, Boisvert said.

“We have more things that are connected to the networks and we have deeper supply chains. We have a big global network. We have more partners and alliances that work together, but they are part of your network without having to meet the same standard,” he pointed out. “No matter how much you may invest, others may not be equal to the task and that’s a very, very common gap.”

Boisvert suggested that “any kind of business in any kind of environment, whether you’re in a law firm or you’re selling insurance or manufacturing widgets, you are first and foremost an IT company.”

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