#CyberFLASH: Spy agency consulted regularly with energy firms


The chief of Communications Security Establishment Canada, the agency behind alleged industrial espionage against Brazil, insists all of its activities are legal, as details emerged Wednesday that CSEC had participated in private meetings between Canadian security agencies and energy companies.

Canadian Energy corporations acknowledged Wednesday they do, indeed, meet with security officials from CSEC and other departments, but said these are only to identify security threats and find ways to develop counter-measures to protect their operations.

Citing documents obtained under access to information laws, The Guardian newspaper in London reports federal government ministries, spy agencies – including CSEC – the RCMP and representatives from several energy companies, who were granted high-level security clearance, have met twice a year since 2005.

The federal meetings with energy industry officials were to discuss “threats” to energy infrastructure and “challenges to energy projects from environmental groups,” as well as “cybersecurity initiatives” and “economic and corporate espionage.”

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