#CyberFLASH: SCADA cyber security, Canada not doing enough, says expert


1297516661469_ORIGINALIn North America, a Canadian security expert has warned that the country’s utilities are not doing enough to secure their supervisory control and data acquisition (SCADA) systems.

Former assistant director of intelligence at the Canadian Security Intelligence Service Ray Boisvert said SCADA technology – which is essential to smart grid decision making – in both Canada and the US are vulnerable to cyber attack, reports IT World Canada.

Mr Boisvert, currently president of consultancy I-Sec Integrated Strategies, said: “Canada is no more ready that the US on these devices.”

“There needs to be considerable investment in hardening and protecting these industrial control systems.”

Boisvert rated Canada’s efforts as B, although he admitted no country yet has an A.

Need for OT security
Speaking at a trade event this week, he said some hydro systems owned by cities or townships “are really, really vulnerable. They have no funds, and very little awareness of cyber security.”

Robert Wong, executive vice-president and chief information and risk officer at Toronto Hydro, the largest municipal electricity distribution company, told IT World Canada that he agreed with this assessment of the utility industry’s preparedness against cyberattacks.

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