#CyberFLASH: Race To Centralize Your Medical Info Creates A Single Point For Hackers


Several provinces in Canada are racing to centralize databases with your sensitive health records in them, providing you no choice to participate in such a system or any transparent explanation of the risks of these ehealth initiatives.

The popular pro-argument is the slight convenience for travellers over a phone call to your doctor, but the risks are not being shared, and they are significant.

Not only are the provinces tripping over each other to be online first, the federal Infoway initiative encourages this increasing risk to your privacy.

Let’s start with the information security risks. Every bank in the country, with the world’s leading information security teams protecting them, have been hacked several times. This is little risk to us as the users because if any transactions show up on our account that aren’t ours, we can call the bank, and they will take responsibility, removing the risk.

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