#CyberFLASH: Protecting Your Personal Data

B97375091Z.120141001155319000GS36SSNI.11As we use an increasing number of online services, personal information is sent out onto the Internet at an alarming rate. But is your information safe?

In the dark corners of the Internet lurk cyber criminals who prey on unsuspecting individuals by stealing personal information and using it for their own gain.

According to the latest statistics from the Canadian Anti-Fraud Centre, there were 1,812 identity fraud complaints from Canadians in December 2014 alone. The losses from these frauds added up to $900,000 for the month and a staggering $1 0,000,000 for 2014!

This is the reality of the online world we live in. The number of fraud complaints increases each year with the most common victims being individuals aged 50-70 or “baby boomers”.

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