#CyberFLASH: Protect yourself and your organization in cyberspace

article_largeEarlier this year, hackers stole nearly 15 gigabytes of company information, including payroll and bank account data, from Goldcorp Inc., one of Canada’s largest mining companies.

Last summer, the hactivist group Anonymous struck the federal government, shutting down a number of key websites.

The speed, severity and scope of hacker activity, and other malicious threats to organizations, nations and individuals online, continues to rise. According to the Global Risk Institute, cyberattacks have increased globally by 38 per cent since 2014, with the annual cost estimate at up to US$1 trillion.

That’s why the Ontario College of Management and Technology is hosting the first-of-its-kind International Cyber Security and Intelligence Conference (ICSIC), Sept. 7 to 8, in Toronto.

“Issues of cyber security are critically important to all of us,” said Yomi Olalere, Founder and President of the Ontario College of Management and Technology. “It’s crucial for professionals to come forward and discuss a way forward with best practices, and to hear from renowned experts about how an organization can secure their vital digital assets, how a nation can secure its critical infrastructure, and how an individual can protect themselves in cyberspace.”

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