#CyberFLASH: Pressure’s mounting for IT departments: Trustwave


IT professionals are feeling more under pressure than ever, thanks to a wave of security threats, high expectations from executives, and new technologies entering the workplace, according to a new survey from security solutions provider Trustwave Holdings Inc.

Comparing 2013 to 2014, 58 per cent of respondents said they feel more pressure to ensure their companies are secure. The survey polled 833 IT decision-makers in Canada, the U.S., the U.K., and Germany. While the bulk of the survey’s respondents were based in the U.S., 101 of them were from Canada.

Within Canada, the number of respondents feeling more pressured was a little lower, at 54 per cent. But for many of the Canadian respondents, there were still serious concerns around possible threats, the biggest one being malware and advanced persistent threats among 63 per cent of those polled.

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