#CyberFLASH: Police allege breach of trust by former McGuinty staffer over computer access


Dalton McGuinty’s last chief of staff got a deputy’s IT-savvy boyfriend “unrestricted” access to 24 employees’ computers in the premier’s office before and after Kathleen Wynne took power, alleges a search warrant request from an OPP officer probing deleted emails in the $1.1 billion scandal over cancelled power plants.

Before obtaining the access, chief of staff David Livingston told the executive assistant to Cabinet Secretary Peter Wallace of his intent to use a person from outside the Ontario Public Service to wipe out hard drives in the offices of the premier during the transition to Wynne’s government, the document alleges.

Information in the warrant application has not been tested in court.

Its approval cleared the way for the Ontario Provincial Police anti-rackets squad to take 24 computer hard drives from a Mississauga data storage warehouse, according to documents ordered unsealed Thursday by a judge in Ottawa at the Star’s request.

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