#CyberFLASH: Ottawa warned about its vulnerability to hackers, lack of strategy


OTTAWA—Federal bureaucrats are warning that some departments and agencies lack sufficient network security and that Ottawa needs a more coherent plan to address large-scale cyber attacks, according to internal documents obtained by Torstar News Service.

The documents reveal that even as the government accused Chinese-backed hackers of infiltrating the National Research Council’s network on Tuesday, senior bureaucrats warned of deficiencies in Ottawa’s response to threats to federal networks.

The documents — part of a presentation to the chief information officer on Monday — state control of the government’s IT “incident management plan” was too complex, with overlapping roles and unclear “accountabilities.”

The plan is not aligned with the larger Federal Emergency Response Plan, which co-ordinates response efforts between different levels of government and does not include a consideration of “wide-spread government cyber (incidents).”

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