#CyberFLASH: Organised fraudsters pose biggest cybersecurity threat: survey

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The growing onslaught of cyber security attacks reflect a rapidly evolving criminality whose impact is near-unanimously expected to continue growing as mobile compromises, financial fraud and organised groups of fraudsters outweigh other risks such as those posed by supply-chain partners, a recent survey of IT decision makers has found.

Conducted by Ipsos MORI on behalf of BAE Systems Applied Intelligence, 84 per cent of the respondents to the the Rise of Digital Criminality report – who hailed from the UK, US, Australia and Canada – said that the number of cyber attacks was likely to increase, even as 30 per cent said they did not have crisis response plans in case their organisation was hit by a cyber attack.

Australian companies were less concerned about the number of attacks increasing significantly – only 37 per cent agreed, compared with 50 per cent in the UK, 38 per cent in the US and 30 per cent in Canada – but were the “least confident” in terms of their ability to prevent targeted attacks and their organisations’ understanding of the risks from new threat vectors, the report found.

“This is mirrored by a lesser awareness of protective initiatives than in other regions,” its authors advised. “Over 50 per cent of respondents were unaware of these initiatives before our research.”

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