#CyberFLASH: Officials confident with security of online voting


TIMMINS – Timmins voters might find casting a ballot easier than ever come Oct. 27, thanks to the new Internet voting system that will be in place.

City officials were given a crash course this week on how the new system will work in the upcoming municipal election.

Dominion Voting, the same company that was used for the cross-Canada Internet voting for the leadership of the federal Liberal Party, has been hired by City Hall to administer the Timmins election. The cost of the venture is $68,000. This will include replacing the worn out paper voting machines with new machines, as well as setting up the Internet voting system.

Stephen Beamish of Halifax, Dominion’s regional sales manager, told workers of the City Clerk’s department that the system is designed to make online voting “as inclusive and universal as possible.”

“Everything you do as a voter, is logged. And I know everything about you as a voter, except I have no idea how you actually voted,” said Beamish.

“At no time can anybody, no one on my team, no one on the election team here, nobody within any part of our company or the town or the city election staff, can ever tell how any person voted. They have no access to where the vote is, at point in time, until after eight oclock on election night,” Beamish continued.

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