#CyberFLASH: NRC head says cyberattack hasn’t spooked partners


The head of the National Research Council said that an alleged hack of the agency’s servers by a Chinese “state-sponsored actor” is “unfortunate,” but reflects “the reality of the times.”

In his first public comments on the July cyberattack that shut down the agency’s servers, NRC President John McDougall said the agency’s private sector partners are largely satisfied with the steps taken to address the matter.

“We’ve been very open with our customers in terms of the fact that it happened,” McDougall told reporters in Whitehorse Thursday. “With very, very few exceptions they have been quite pleased with the responses that we’ve been taking to try and make sure we’re safeguarding their information.”

The agency has been tight-lipped about what the hackers were after, or how much information they were able to access, if any. Since the attack was confirmed by the government on July 29, an NRC spokesman has repeatedly refused interviews on the issue, citing security concerns.

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