#CyberFLASH: New report rates internet service providers on privacy

pdphonejpg-jpg-size-xxlarge-letterboxA new report is calling on Canadian Internet service providers to be more transparent about how they handle customer privacy, and rates them on their current practices.

The report, “Keeping Internet Users in the Know or in the Dark,” is authored by two Canadian online privacy groups: IXmaps.ca and The New Transparency project.

“What I’d really like to have is that our carriers are pro-active in telling us about their behavior around handling personal information,” says Andrew Clement, a professor in the University of Toronto’s Faculty of Information, who spearheaded the report.

Except for Rogers, Teksavvy and Telus, the report says, companies aren’t forthcoming about how they’re disclosing requests for consumer information from law enforcement and other government agencies. However, Clement adds that what Rogers reports on that score is “very thin.”

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