#CyberFLASH: New RCMP cyber unit to target global hackers, online scammers

Digital Life Tech Tips Double Layer PasswordsThe move comes as part of a five-year policing strategy unveiled today in Ottawa.

“What has been missing is a directed focus and effort towards cybercrime,” RCMP Chief Supt. Jeff Adam told CBC News in an interview at the force’s highly restricted data forensics labs, part of its technical investigations services branch in Ottawa.

“As cybercrime has evolved over time, and the technology has evolved very quickly … we’ve been kind of left doing it ad hoc, unformalized, unplanned,” he said.

The RCMP’s official Cybercrime Strategy promises “new policing measures to keep pace in a digital era.”

It’s an acknowledgement the Mounties, and indeed police around the globe, are struggling to deal with a vast array of emerging online crimes ranging from petty email scams and child exploitation to national security threats and highly organized hacking operations.

‘Fundamental change’

The RCMP will spend $30.5 million over the next five years to assign 40 staff, both police officers and civilians, to a new, dedicated investigations unit. It will include intelligence analysts, trainers, highly specialized technical staff and more than two dozens investigators from its national division.

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