#CyberFLASH: Netflix upholds geoblocking rules amid reports of crackdown

hi-netflixrtxyw4i-8colNetflix has reiterated that users should not try to access content licensed for streaming in other countries.

It issued a statement upholding its long-standing policy in response to a media report that it had begun cracking down on services that help users alter their locations.

Canadian Netflix users can access TV shows and movies licensed for the American market by using a free or subscription-based online service to make it look as if they have a U.S. IP address.

There are various ways to change your IP address to make it seem as if you are in another country, including through virtual private network (VPN) software and web-based proxy sites or domain name hosting services (DNS). These geoblocking circumvention tools trick the Netflix system into allowing you to stream another country’s content.

The Netflix statement issued Monday says that practice is and has always been against its policy. It did not confirm or deny it has begun a crackdown, but said there has been “no change” in the way it handles VPNs.

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