#CyberFLASH: Negative online reviews led to threats of legal action from targeted businesses

slide_349495_3739937_freeIt’s just an opinion, right? But if you post it online, you could get some unwanted attention from lawyers. A growing number of companies are going after people who post negative reviews online.

Ottawa student Olivia Parsons learned that the hard way. After moving out of her apartment in June, she says she posted several less-than-flattering online reviews on Google and Yelp.

The reviews took aim at CLV Group — the company that manages the building. According to its website, CLV manages more than 7,500 rental apartments in Ontario and Quebec.

Parsons was upset about fees she was asked to pay after moving out and the way, she says, the company handled the issue.

About a week later, Parsons got a surprise in the mail — a letter from CLV Group’s lawyer demanding Parsons immediately stop posting negative reviews and that she delete the ones already up.

That letter came as a surprise for another reason. Parsons used an online pseudonym. Yet the company was still able to track down her real name and even her new address. She has no idea how they managed to do that.

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