#CyberFLASH: Montreal planning to change rules to release open data

canada cyber security newsMontreal is looking to change the rules and regulations in order to release more of the city’s data, says the vice-president of Montreal’s executive committee.

Harout Chitilian says releasing data is a priority for the city, as outlined in the $23 million dollar “Smart City” plan — and says it’s planning on “removing all roadblocks” to make that happen.

In some cases, that could mean changing laws and taking away privacy safeguards.

He said the city will release details of a strategic plan, which will include details on how it will release open data, at the end of March.

“We identified that data is a must,” Chitilian told CBC.

“Basically, we cannot live without it and we cannot live without having a game plan, and also having a focus on extracting, analyzing and adding value to data.”

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