#CyberFLASH: Military hard drive containing personal information found by Halifax man

11-1A hard drive containing information believed to belong to the Canadian military is sitting in the closet of a Halifax man.

“It seemed to me like some of the documents contained information on personnel that I probably, or nobody, should be able to access unless they had the proper clearance,” Pete Stevens told Global News Friday.

Stevens found the hard drive at a recycling depot in Dartmouth almost a year ago. When he finally went to use it, he was surprised by what he found.

“I ran a recovery software and I basically saw some files that, basically, should have been deleted from the previous owner.”

The hard drive contains hundreds, if not thousands of pages of information. According to Stevens, he was able to locate encrypted emails, training manuals and blueprints within minutes of searching the drive.

Most of the information appears to be from the years 1999-2006 and deals with HMCS Halifax.

David Fraser, a privacy lawyer in Halifax, says no matter how old the information is, it’s not supposed to wind up in the hands of someone without proper clearance.

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