#CyberFLASH: McAfee’s twelve scams of the holidays

12Scams_PR_FINAL_Orig3-620x250With electronic and online shopping predicted to be at an all-time high this holiday season, Canadian consumers should be extra weary of cyber-attacks, according to Brenda Moretto, Canadian consumer manager at McAfee, now part of Intel Security.

Citing figures that place Canada’s web hosts at the number three spot in harbouring phishing domains, Moretto said that Canadians are “no less vulnerable” to threats such as cyber scams and malware.

In response, the security software company outlined the “12 Scams of the Holidays” that Canadians should be aware of:

  1. Phishing scams through email top the list with emails disguised as shipping notifications and invoices to fit the season. According to Moretto, hackers are trying to capitalize on the increased flow of money to score banking information and other personal details. Consumers are also more likely to click on fraudulent links during periods of high shopping activity.
  2. Fraudulent deals can also make an appearance online or in your inbox, offering unbeatable prices at the cost of your (information). These extend beyond dangerous links to “phony contests on social media and bogus gift cards,” according to an official McAfee statement.

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