#CyberFLASH: Local MPs support anti-terror bill

1297358843659_ORIGINALA bill that has brought with it much controversy and protests throughout the country has passed in Parliament.

Bill C-51, better known as the Anti-Terrorism Act, passed in the House of Commons on May 6, with the federal Conservatives and Liberals voting in favour of the bill.

First introduced by the Conservatives at the end of January and touted as legislation to protect Canadians from the threat of terrorism, Bill C-51 gives more power to the Canadian Security Intelligence Service (CSIS) in tracking and acting on what they deem as terrorist threats. The bill also allows for full sharing of personal information between government agencies, extends the length at which detainees can be held before being charged, allows for increased Internet monitoring, and makes the advocacy of terrorism a federal offence.

Prior to the bill being passed, on May 5 local MP Tim Uppal spoke in favour of the bill.

“We, as parliamentarians, have an obligation to do what we can to help (law enforcement) in that very important job that they have,” Uppal said in the House of Commons.

He described the bill as “legislation that would enable national security agencies to keep pace with the ever-evolving threats to our national security. Canada, like our allies, needs to modernize our laws to arm our national security agencies in the fight against Jihadi terrorists who we know have declared war on Canada.”

Uppal told the House that increasing CSIS’ power is necessary to disrupt threats to the country.

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