#CyberFLASH: Leaks, breaches and cyberattacks: the biggest hacks of 2014


Loopholes were exploited and security barriers toppled as hackers reigned in 2014. Multinational corporations, celebrities, and government websites all fell victim to cyberattacks.

Let’s face it, nowadays it takes more than run-of-the-mill password protection to stay secure — especially when the most common password is “123456” — to keep private data safe.

Here are the cyberattacks of significance this year.

Heartbleed infects the CRA

With a name like Heartbleed, it is hard to picture anything but the all-too-common Hollywood trope of a “nerd” typing frantically at a Matrix-esque black and green screen.

Last April, the computer bug that exploits a flaw in widely-used encryption software was responsible for allowing a hacker to access taxpayer data from the Canada Revenue Agency.

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