#CyberFLASH: Lawyer wants case involving nude photos of judge thrown out

sheila_block.jpg.size.xxlarge.letterbox-2WINNIPEG—A lawyer for the senior Manitoba judge facing removal over nude photographs her husband posted of her on the Internet compared her Monday to celebrity hacking victims who have faced the same fate.

Sheila Block, who represents Associate Chief Justice Lori Douglas, argued the case should be thrown out because it punishes the victim.

Block said it doesn’t make sense to subject Douglas to another lengthy disciplinary tribunal, which equates to “state-sponsored victim-blaming.”

She told a panel of judges that they shouldn’t put Douglas through more trauma because she has been a victim twice over: the victim of her husband, who died of cancer last spring, and of a man bent on extortion and revenge.

“You are not responsible for pushing this boulder down the hill but you are in the position to do the right thing,” she told the judges. “Our system of justice does not punish the victim. It does not rob the victim of their dignity and privacy. It does not treat the victim as damaged goods.”

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