#CyberFLASH: Kids using Internet admit to assuming fake identity: poll

bildeTORONTO — A report examining how Canadian kids view Internet privacy found about half have assumed a fake identity or misrepresented their age online, while about 60 per cent said they’d be willing to share their passwords with family or friends.

“Shielding one’s identity online is a practice that appears to be learned young and is used consistently by a significant number of students of all ages,” states the report by the non-profit organization MediaSmarts. The report is based on surveys conducted last year with 5,436 students from across the country in grades 4 through 11.

Despite the growing number of headlines about the risks of sharing too much online, many survey respondents suggested they were lax about guarding their privacy and personal information on the Internet.

About one in four kids said they’d trust their best friends to have access to their online accounts, while 16 per cent of the students in grades 7 through 11 said they’d let their boyfriend or girlfriend log in to their accounts.

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