#CyberFLASH: It’s Not Clear Why Canada Made 1.2 Million Customer Data Requests to Big Telecom


When news broke earlier this year that CSEC had been tracking Canadians through free airport wi-fi, the mainstream media largely missed the point. Not only had Canada’s NSA been using airport hotspots to gather personal information about Canadians, they had also been gathering data from other corporate sources to create behavioural patterns designed to track the comings and goings of whoever it is their targets are. That’s a bit more invasive than simply snooping on folks looking at cat videos while waiting for their connecting flight to Orlando.

If you go through the original presentation about CSEC’s so-called airport spying program, which was leaked by Eddie Snowden, you can see that CSEC uses the example of a kidnapper who’s on the lam, and whose position can be pinpointed by CSEC tracking programs.

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