#CyberFLASH: ISIS supporter hacks website of University of New Brunswick Student Union


The University of New Brunswick Student Union has made a statement to the RCMP after their website was hacked by someone posting messages in support of the terror group ISIS.

On Monday night, the website was hacked by “Team System Dz,” with the header “I love you, ISIS” on top of the page.

The message on the website continued, “the state of Islam and the list expands, God willing… this time is a time of Islam and victory and lift the injustice for Muslims and the elimination of America and the allies of the infidels will not keep silent.”

The hacked message, in barely comprehensible English, was left on the website for about two hours.

“We were notified this evening that our website has been hacked, and have contacted our website provider and the RCMP. We are very concerned and upset about what has happened to our website and will be doing our best to rectify this situation as soon as possible,” the UNB Student Union said on their Facebook account Monday night.

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